Beauty and emotion go hand in hand, they are bound together. In order to make beautiful paintings there must be beautiful emotions.

The White Room is a painting installation, which was displayed in six galleries across Yorkshire and Scotland as part of a year-long touring exhibition. It shows four paintings, each one creating a wall to make up The White Room, cocooning the viewers inside.

The inspiration for The White Room stems from Sally's family and her meditation studies. Her understanding is that the emotions felt while painting are experienced by the viewer as a result, and therefore she places great importance on her thoughts, moods and state of mind, which are all woven into her artworks.

Each painting in The White Room at first appears peaceful, but before long the viewer will become aware of an energy within. Sally's love of pattern and texture is shown in her expressive mark making techniques, as she depicts figures gently cradled in a sea of tumultuous patterned fabrics.

FLORA Oil on linen 183x183cms
VIOLET TRIPTYCH Oil on linen 366x183cms
JASMINE Oil on linen 183x183cms
LUSH TAPESTRY Oil on linen 366x183cms
WHERE THE WILD ROSES GROW Oil on canvas 200x183cms
VIOLET TRIPTYCH Photomontage 240x120cms
FLORA II Photomontage 120x120cms
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